Organization in the playroom


I strive to keep myself, my family, and our home organized, and I knew having a convenient place to store everyone’s bags and coats in our new home would be a necessity for this family of six. I also knew we would need storage for toys in our game room (currently a play room for the little ones), and I no longer wanted bookshelves in that room because of the danger involved in climbing and furniture falling over on children. {I dread the day I have two babies climbing on furniture at the same time.}

I pinned several “mud room” ideas while we were planning and building our house even though I knew our house wouldn’t have an actual mud room. I gathered ideas like the ones shown here, there, and everywhere. When we met with our cabinet builder, I told him I wanted cubbies on the bottom, space to hang bags and coats, and more cubbies on top. He started sketching and asked a few questions, and this is what we created.

20130903-080735.jpg I tell everyone this built-in and our granite kitchen countertops were my two splurges in the new house. I don’t think I will ever regret either choice.

I love having this space near our garage door, so we can grab our things on our way out, but also in the play room, which is surrounded by the kids’ rooms. The cubbies at the bottom hold containers of toys, while the cabinets at the top are currently filled with seasonal or topical books. {Yes, we have a lot of books, but I collected many of them while teaching, and they have proved most helpful while homeschooling.}

I would like to make a large cushion to provide seating for adults while watching the children play. For now, the bench provides a place for Sissy to pull up and stand and a comfy place for Big Sister to relax on a couple of large pillows.


After being crowded in a rent house with no game room for a year, we are all enjoying having a space to play and be together.

To keep you from thinking I am super mom or an organization queen, I must confess that the bench has been covered with boxes and then stacks of books since we moved in over two months ago. I just cleaned out two large plastic storage tubs of junk yesterday and stored all of the books in the tubs until we get new book cases for the kids’ rooms. I was so excited about finally having the bench cleared off that I took photos and sent them to my mom and mother-in-law yesterday, and now I’m sharing them with you.


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