Catching Up


So much has happened in the last month, and I haven’t been able to keep up with anything: the babies, shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, reading, blogging, playing Words with Friends….

The table in our dining room is covered with fabric and sewing projects that I haven’t completed, and many of them I won’t bother finishing now. I had great intentions of making homemade Christmas presents for several people who care for our babies at church, but I had trouble with part of the sewing and gave up. I should work on them now and have them ready for next Christmas, but I need to hem a pair of pants for my son and another pair for myself, sew a button on a skirt for Big Sister, re-hem hubby’s pajama pants, make the babies some taggy blankets…. Maybe I should just buy their gifts at the store next year.

This morning, I found a stack of wallet-sized photos of the babies at nine months that I should have given to family members over a month ago. They will be eleven months this Friday, and I haven’t posted their ten-month pictures yet. That requires me to use an actual computer and not my phone. Yes, I write 95% of my posts using the WordPress app on my phone while feeding the twins their bottles. I just had to adjust something above to “this morning” instead of “just now” because the babies are now on their second third bottle. I didn’t write much during that second bottle. They finished too quickly, and I had a lot to do once they went down for a nap.

I had a nice visit from a friend during the babies’ nap today, and they slept long enough that I was even able to turn the computer on and get the photos ready to scan. The babies lost interest in their bottles, so now I’m scanning their photos while they watch me from the doorway.

20140106-153249.jpgWe had this gate in the hallway when we confined the babies to the game room and their bedroom before we baby-proofed the rest of the house. We had been keeping the office door closed, but hubby and I decided we should try the gate in the office door, and we aren’t sure why we didn’t think of this before now. It works perfectly! There was no fussing while I scanned their photos. Now I’m back in the game room feeding a baby. Here are their pictures at ten months.

20140106-160228.jpgLittle Sister


20140106-160238.jpgLook at Sissy’s hand in that last picture. Is there any doubt that she is the dominant one? Even in the individual photo of her smiling innocently, you can see a little mischievous twinkle in her eye.

They are both walking everywhere now. Sissy has been walking well for almost a month, and Little Sister started walking a little on Christmas Day and walking well just a few days later. It didn’t take her as long to progress once she decided to try it. We think it was just lack of self confidence. Sissy is bolder, more aggressive, and tough like Big Brother, whereas Little Sister is more cautious, watchful, and sensitive.

Here is a photo of all four kids taken just before Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t post it before now because this was part of our Christmas gift to grandparents and great-grandmas.

I have a few more things I want to share, but the babies are finished with their bottles, and we have to run to the store for formula. Maybe I can finish catching up by the end of the week.


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