Orange you glad it’s summertime?


I have pinned dozens of gift ideas for teachers, but my time management skills were lacking this year, and we ended up getting gift cards at the last minute or sending belated gifts and notes to my children’s teachers. I was determined to give them something creative and fun for the end of the school year. My children’s last day of school is tomorrow, so we just modified this gift idea to make it our own. My kids love knock-knock jokes and have worn out the “Orange you glad…” jokes, but I couldn’t resist creating these orange gifts.

Each child has a teacher and an aide in their classroom, so I wanted to keep the total cost of each gift under $10. I found orange boxes of popcorn on sale for $2 each. I had already purchased a large bag of mandarin oranges for the kids, so I added two to each gift to go along with the theme. Tropical flavored Trident gum ($1.29) rounds out the front view.

I bought a six-pack of Minute Maid orange juice for $4. The boxes of Reese’s Pieces were on sale for $1 each. The green bags contain orange slice candy ($1 each), and you can’t see them in the pictures, but I saw some cute, orange bag clips (4 for $1) and put one on each bag of orange slices.

A package of Goldfish ($1.67) finishes off the contents of the gifts. I already had orange ribbon left from another project, but I had to purchase the plastic wrapping paper ($4). I probably could have found some of these items cheaper elsewhere, but I had just left the twins’ well-visit, and Kroger was the closest store, and I just wanted to get it done.

I have plenty of orange letter stickers in my scrapbooking supplies, so I let the kids put those on the tags. Big Sister wrote the rest of the wording on her tags. Hers say, “Orange you glad it’s the last day of school?” Big Brother wanted me to write his, and he wanted his own saying. The kids are supposed to say the whole knock-knock joke before giving these to their teachers. We’ll see how that goes. I’m looking forward to finally giving their teachers something cute, fun, creative, and planned, and I stayed within my budget!


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