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Little Mess-Makers


The twins are keeping me on my toes these days. I was sweeping up their cracker crumbs around the table yesterday while they were shaking their straw cups upside-down and getting milk all over the floor in the kitchen. I can’t let them out of my sight for a minute or they will be playing in the bathroom sinks, climbing the pantry shelves to help themselves to snacks, taking their clothes and diapers off, doing the laundry for me, climbing on everything, emptying an entire container of baby wipes on the floor one by one, and the list goes on! They are a mess!



I recently purchased some new cleaning cloths from a company called Norwex, and I have been very pleased with how well they clean up the girls’ messes, and the cloths never get moldy or stinky because they have micro silver in them, which prevents bacterial growth. The cloths are designed to be used with just water (no chemicals), so I can clean anything with the same cloth. I just wash it out at the sink and reuse it. The kids can help me clean, and I don’t have to worry about them using harmful chemicals.

The twins were sick last week, and they enjoyed sitting in our dining room chairs while looking out the window, but that meant I needed to disinfect the chairs and window ledges. I normally use vinegar to disinfect, but I thought I’d try the Norwex cloths because they kill germs as well. I started wiping the arm rests on one chair and noticed the wood getting lighter immediately. We purchased our dining room furniture eleven years ago from an antique store. The furniture was made in the 1920’s, so it has 90 years’ worth of oil and grime layered on its surfaces. I have dusted it with polishes, cleaned it with antique furniture cleaner, nourished it with orange oil and coconut oil, but all of my efforts never removed any of the buildup. Just a few swipes of a damp EnviroCloth removed more in a few seconds than all of the things I’ve used over the past eleven years. Here are the before and after photos of the second arm rest.


Can you believe the difference?!? I just wiped a little coconut oil over the wood with a dry cloth and cleaning since the EnviroCloth was damp. One of the best things about using the cloth with just water is being able to use it with my twins hanging on my legs or sitting on my hip. No bottles to hold or keep out of their reach. No worries about them touching the chairs before I wipe chemicals off the surface. Here are some more before and after photos of the top of a chair.


Here is a photo of the top of a chair where I cleaned only the left half, so you can see the difference.

As much as I love the EnviroCloth, the window cloth is amazing at leaving glass clean and streak-free with just water. My other favorite is the body cloth, which I have been using to clean my face each night. I had been using facial wipes, but I didn’t like the film they left on my face. I would still rinse my face after using one. Plus, they were cold, which isn’t good for cleaning pores. I run the body cloth under hot water, wring it, and press it gently on my face. It cleans all my makeup and water-resistant mascara off with no cleansers. Plus, it feels like a mini facial, and I will save a ton of money because I won’t ever need to buy facial wipes or cleansers again.

I’m sorry for the huge plug for this business, but I’m excited about the results I’ve seen. I am not a consultant with Norwex and have no plans to join, but I’m having a party soon and wanted to share the results I’ve seen from using these products in case you are interested in cleaning your home more easily, more quickly, and with fewer chemicals. All friends and family are welcome to come to the party. Just let me know if you want me to send you the details, or anyone can order online if you want. I’ll have to send you the link for that.