No-Spend Month: Day 9


The days are long, but the years are short.  ~Gretchen Rubin

I know I’m not supposed to wish any stage away, but I’m really tired of the twins destroying things.  I took them to meet their new teacher this morning after dropping off the big kids, and I found out they need nap mats for school next week.  Yikes!  That wasn’t in our budget for our no-spend month.  No problem.  I made several nap mats for friends a few years ago (before having twins–back when I had time to sew), and I have quite a stash of fabric and supplies (for projects I dream of doing), so we went through my stash and found two pieces of fabric big enough for their nap mats.  I had even saved the remnants of the 1-inch thick foam that goes inside the mats.  It’s a little shorter than what the pattern calls for, but I can make it work.   

 The girls were excited and laid on top of the foam pieces and covered up with their fabric choices.  While they were happy, I loaded the dishwasher.  When I finished, I realized they were too quiet.  I found them in their room with the foam pieces, one of which was now in many pieces.   

 I wanted to cry, but I didn’t.  I gathered all the pieces and spent every spare moment this afternoon and evening sewing the large pieces back together.  It looks a little Frankenstein-ish, but it will be inside the nap mat, so only you and I will know.   😉

  I’m hoping to finish at least one of the nap mats tomorrow.  I’ll post photos when I’m finished.  

  • My husband attended the second day of his class today, so he needed to eat out for lunch again.  He spent $3.88 on fast food on his way back to work this afternoon.  I finished off the rest of our leftover roast, potatoes, carrots, and gravy.  It was so good.
  • Hubby also got his hair cut today, and he paid $15 cash for that. 
  • One of our larger items on our online garage sale finally sold today, so we made $45 on that. 
  • We had spaghetti and garlic knots for dinner tonight.  Our son and his friend are camping with my in-laws this weekend, so I didn’t worry about preparing much.  The main reason I made bread was so I could have some for breakfast the next few days.
  • I sell Norwex and forgot about an online sale that provided me with a $30 commission, which was direct-deposited this week.  That covers part of the girls’ doctor visit yesterday.

About Leslie

I am a mother of four, who loves organization but is dealt a new hand of chaos each day. I love Jesus and each of my unique children. I strive to foster these relationships and bring a little organization to our chaotic home. I want to be a better blogger, but, truthfully, this is just not as high on my priority list as the aforementioned relationships or the state of our home.

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