No-Spend Month: Day 11


We love having the option to attend church on Saturday night.  It leaves Sunday for a true day of rest (Sabbath) and family time.  Now if my kids would just let me rest!

  • Hubby fixed a water leak in our sprinkler system.  I’m so glad he is handy.  This repair job cost us about $2, and it will save us money on our water bill in the future.
  • We ate lunch at home:  leftover spaghetti sauce (for me) and fresh-cooked pasta for me and the girls.  My husband ate a corny dog from the freezer.
  • I invited a friend to come over and cut back my basil.  She likes to dry it and use it all winter.  We have way too much as you can see from this photo.  I have invited others to come cut some, but this is the only friend who has taken me up on my offer.  I have cut some and taken it to church to share a few times, but I still have too much.  Oh, and I only planted one basil plant this year.  These all grew on their own from seed dropped by my three basil plants last year. 
  • I’ve had a big crockpot full of pinto beans going all day, and I’m about to bake some cornbread.  I used this recipe for the beans because I plan to mash some for my son, who loves refried beans and bean burritos.  While I was finishing the cornbread, Little Sister got very quiet.  I found her asleep at 5:00!  I woke her up and fed her dinner.  She’s awake now, but I think I’ll put them to bed early tonight, since they were up late last night.  I’m tired too.  I have been staying up too late trying to finish my daily no-spend posts.  I’m planning to go to bed earlier tonight.
  • I almost forgot that we sold some things through our online garage sale today.  We made another $22.  If we keep selling things, we should have no problem making it through this month without spending any of our regular income.  

About Leslie

I am a mother of four, who loves organization but is dealt a new hand of chaos each day. I love Jesus and each of my unique children. I strive to foster these relationships and bring a little organization to our chaotic home. I want to be a better blogger, but, truthfully, this is just not as high on my priority list as the aforementioned relationships or the state of our home.

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    • I use the one for our town for most things just to make pick up or delivery easier. I use the MoM one when I have matching or coordinating items that I think would appeal to another twin mom.

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