The Twins Are Kicking My Booty!


Let me just say that having twins is a lot of fun.  They can be so cute together!  I love that they have a built-in best friend.  I was lucky to be able to capture this spontaneous hug in a bathroom while waiting on Big Sister last month.  

I gave the girls a big bucket of water and their water guns to play with in the backyard last week, and they decided it was more fun to take a bath together. 

Then there was this Fourth of July cuteness when they got out their own bowls for ice cream and thought they made great hats.  

I love all the joys of having twins, but they are not always this cute.  There are days that I get almost nothing done because of these mischievous girls.  There are days I’m constantly cleaning up their messes, often moving from one to another or getting called in the middle of one clean up to go to another one.  They climb on everything, are fiercely independent, think they are big kids, and want to do everything the older kids can do.  

Tonight, I could not get them to go to sleep.  They are usually (summertime) in bed by 8:00 pm and asleep by 8:30 pm.  I took this photo at 9:26 tonight. 

I had already put them to bed (a little later than usual) and then spent about ten minutes in Big Sister’s room.  I went to check on the twins and found this “rug” they had made with all their blankets and pillows.  Are they just being creative?!?  I told them they had to stay in their beds, or I was going to start taking things out of their room.  I kept hearing them playing with toys in their beds, so I eventually took everything out except their blankets and one stuffed animal each.  They finally went to sleep after that.  I think I will keep everything out of their room at bedtime from now on!  


About Leslie

I am a mother of four, who loves organization but is dealt a new hand of chaos each day. I love Jesus and each of my unique children. I strive to foster these relationships and bring a little organization to our chaotic home. I want to be a better blogger, but, truthfully, this is just not as high on my priority list as the aforementioned relationships or the state of our home.

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