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Meal Time


Sissy and Little Sister are going through a stage where more food ends up on the floor than in their bellies. They keep reaching for the knife I’m using to slice their bananas or strawberries, and then I realize they want a fork or spoon. You would think I would remember after a week of this to just give them a spoon or fork to begin their meal instead of remembering after the floor is littered with Cheerios. They aren’t very good at eating with a spoon yet, but they can feed themselves with a fork. These photos are from lunch today. Sissy wanted to eat her banana with a fork while Little Sister ate her corn with a spoon.






Birthday Girls


I did not post the twins’ birthday portraits a few weeks ago like I had planned, and a month has already passed since my last post. I’ll post updates this week showing you what we’ve been busying ourselves with the last few weeks, but here are the babies’ portraits. Sissy is shown first because she is the oldest by one minute.


My sister made these adorable shirts for the girls. They spell “LOVE” and that fit perfectly with their birthday falling just a few days before Valentine’s Day. My sister also made their hair bows. She’s quite talented.

Little Sister is next. We could not get her to stand still, so we let her climb on this crate. Oh, the joys of toddler photos!

They enjoyed smashing their cakes. Little Sister even ate a little, but Sissy didn’t want to try hers. That’s usually how mealtimes go as well. Little Sister will put anything in her mouth, but Sissy is more cautious when it comes to food, which is the complete opposite of their personalities in general.

Happy Birthday, Babies!


Our sweet girls are one year old today! They are healthy and happy and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We just had their birthday portraits taken this morning, so I’ll share those in a few days, but here are their portraits from a month ago that I finally picked up today. I actually remembered to take both a prop and hair bows last month and today. I’m getting better at this twin-mom stuff!







Catching Up


So much has happened in the last month, and I haven’t been able to keep up with anything: the babies, shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, reading, blogging, playing Words with Friends….

The table in our dining room is covered with fabric and sewing projects that I haven’t completed, and many of them I won’t bother finishing now. I had great intentions of making homemade Christmas presents for several people who care for our babies at church, but I had trouble with part of the sewing and gave up. I should work on them now and have them ready for next Christmas, but I need to hem a pair of pants for my son and another pair for myself, sew a button on a skirt for Big Sister, re-hem hubby’s pajama pants, make the babies some taggy blankets…. Maybe I should just buy their gifts at the store next year.

This morning, I found a stack of wallet-sized photos of the babies at nine months that I should have given to family members over a month ago. They will be eleven months this Friday, and I haven’t posted their ten-month pictures yet. That requires me to use an actual computer and not my phone. Yes, I write 95% of my posts using the WordPress app on my phone while feeding the twins their bottles. I just had to adjust something above to “this morning” instead of “just now” because the babies are now on their second third bottle. I didn’t write much during that second bottle. They finished too quickly, and I had a lot to do once they went down for a nap.

I had a nice visit from a friend during the babies’ nap today, and they slept long enough that I was even able to turn the computer on and get the photos ready to scan. The babies lost interest in their bottles, so now I’m scanning their photos while they watch me from the doorway.

20140106-153249.jpgWe had this gate in the hallway when we confined the babies to the game room and their bedroom before we baby-proofed the rest of the house. We had been keeping the office door closed, but hubby and I decided we should try the gate in the office door, and we aren’t sure why we didn’t think of this before now. It works perfectly! There was no fussing while I scanned their photos. Now I’m back in the game room feeding a baby. Here are their pictures at ten months.

20140106-160228.jpgLittle Sister


20140106-160238.jpgLook at Sissy’s hand in that last picture. Is there any doubt that she is the dominant one? Even in the individual photo of her smiling innocently, you can see a little mischievous twinkle in her eye.

They are both walking everywhere now. Sissy has been walking well for almost a month, and Little Sister started walking a little on Christmas Day and walking well just a few days later. It didn’t take her as long to progress once she decided to try it. We think it was just lack of self confidence. Sissy is bolder, more aggressive, and tough like Big Brother, whereas Little Sister is more cautious, watchful, and sensitive.

Here is a photo of all four kids taken just before Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t post it before now because this was part of our Christmas gift to grandparents and great-grandmas.

I have a few more things I want to share, but the babies are finished with their bottles, and we have to run to the store for formula. Maybe I can finish catching up by the end of the week.

Photos of all my babies


I just wanted to share the babies’ nine-month photos. There were so many good ones that I couldn’t pick just a couple to purchase, so there are a lot to share. I also picked up the older two kids’ school pictures this week, so I had to share those too!

20131123-132648.jpgSissy is always on the move. It was hard to get a picture of her posing because she kept crawling away.


20131123-132810.jpgLittle sister likes to stand up, and, yes, she has had a haircut. I have actually trimmed her hair at least four times, while Sissy’s hair hasn’t been cut yet.

20131123-132856.jpgI thought this photo of them being serious was hilarious, and it reminds me of old photos of couples posing without smiles.


20131123-133022.jpgThis is a chair that I have had since I was a little girl. Hubby repaired and repainted it several years ago, and all four kids have enjoyed sitting in it.

20131123-133246.jpgI thought this picture made it look like Little Sister was pushing Sissy in the rocking chair.

20131123-133347.jpgThey are such sweet and happy girls.

Now for the big kids.

20131123-133428.jpgBig Brother is wearing his hair shorter now, and his missing tooth has almost grown in all the way.

20131123-133539.jpgBig Sister’s hair is shorter now too. After I cut mine off, she wanted hers short like mine. With her naturally wavy hair, it looks cute layered and short in the back.



The babies are growing quickly and reaching milestones almost daily. They were nine months old on November 10th, but these photos are from their eight-month portrait session. It took me a few weeks to pick them up. I’m planning to pick up their nine-month portraits tomorrow, so I thought I should post these today. I’m just a little behind.

20131119-091504.jpgSissy is older by one minute, but she acts like she is a big sister, not a twin. She is definitely the dominant one and will take toys from Little Sister. She was an inch taller than her twin at their six-month and nine-month check ups, so she has a height advantage to go along with her naturally curious and aggressive nature. We will have to watch her closely to keep her from being a bully to Little Sister. Sissy is sweet, happy most of the time, and friendly. She might have said “mama” this morning, but it could have just been babbling. We will see if she repeats it. Yesterday afternoon, she took her first steps, walking to a friend of ours while I was changing Little Sister’s diaper, so I almost missed it, but I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and watched her take seven steps. I might have missed the first one or two. I was so surprised that she would take so many steps for her first try, but she took a few steps several other times that evening, and I actually caught her on video taking eight steps later.

20131119-093250.jpgLittle Sister is more sensitive and shier than Sissy, but she is sweet, talkative, and loves to be held. She babbles at home and in the car, but she gets quiet around strangers or even people she doesn’t know well. On November 4th, she was trying to crawl over my leg on the floor and fell and said, “uh-oh.” I thought it might have been a coincidence because she had been babbling the whole time, but she fell in the kitchen the next day and said, “uh-oh,” again. The day after that, Little Sister took her first steps, just a couple, but she repeated taking two steps at a time multiple times that day. Then on the 10th, she took three steps while Grandmother was watching her. When we got home, she took five steps for all of us. Little Sister may not be as aggressive as Sissy, but she beat her in walking and talking.



My husband’s parents live just down the driveway from us. They have lived there for about 30 years, and we moved into our house just over 4 months ago. It is absolutely wonderful living so closely to a set of grandparents. The older two kids are back and forth between our houses all the time, and Grandmother helps me with the babies frequently.

Granddad built the kids a tree house out of scrap wood from when our house was being built, and he also created a play area for the kids above the tack room in their barn. Big brother thinks this area is his fort and enjoys hanging out there. A couple of weeks ago, he placed a board upright on the floor of the fort at the top of the wooden ladder that Granddad built for them to climb up to the fort. I think he was trying to make a wall or something, but he did not nail the board in place. The older two kids were in the barn with Granddad on Thursday the 24th, and big sister decided to go up to the fort by herself. She climbed to the top, grabbed hold of the board not knowing it was loose, and fell several feet to the ground. By God’s mercy, the only thing she hurt was her left ankle, and Daddy got home just as Granddad carried her into our house. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic, so he checked her out and looked at her ankle.

20131104-104023.jpgIt was swollen and starting to bruise, but it didn’t look broken. We put ice on it, elevated it, etc. When she still refused to put any weight on it Friday morning, we decided to take her to our pediatrician just to see what they thought.

20131104-104121.jpgOf course, they recommended x-rays, so we took her for x-rays. Nothing was broken, but she had sprained it pretty badly. We bought her a brace and ordered a pediatric boot, and she has done well with those. She went to school today in regular shoes for the first time in over a week, so I think she is almost back to normal. It’s amazing how quickly children heal.

I must mention how gracious God has been to us over the past several years. This was our first trip to the doctor for an injury. We still haven’t taken a child to the ER. Part of that is due to their daddy being a paramedic and knowing what is a true emergency and what is not, but none of our children have been seriously injured before this, and it’s a wonder big brother hasn’t broken half his bones already with all the crazy stunts he tries. I thank God every day for our children’s health and safety.

We finally bought new car seats for the babies. Well, we ordered them online a few weeks ago, but one never made it to us, so we had to wait for it to return to the company, the company to refund our money, and then just go to the store and buy another one. We bought convertible seats, which means they will be rear-facing until the babies are at least a year old, and then they are able to be turned forward-facing, so these seats should last us a few years, until the babies are able to ride with just a booster seat. We were preparing the seats in the house, making adjustments to the seat backs and harnesses, and we sat the babies in them to make these adjustments. They look so big!

20131104-104453.jpgSissy is our climber–just like her big brother–and it wasn’t long before she was standing up in the seat and trying to move over to the other seat!

A few days later, I was looking for an outfit for little sister in their closet, and sissy climbed up in this little rocking chair and stood up.

20131104-104756.jpgThis is why the chair is in their closet and not in their room. Right now, I’m just thankful we only have one pint-sized climber on our hands.

Standing tall


The babies are eight months old and standing on their own now. They pull up on everything and walk holding onto furniture and large toys. They haven’t taken any steps on their own yet, but I’m sure it won’t be much longer. Big brother had already taken his first steps by this point, while big sister waited until a week before her first birthday. I really had hoped these two would follow in big sister’s footsteps rather than big brother’s just to make my life easier, but they are much happier moving around and being independent. This will be fun, right?





20131021-193558.jpgThey love to crawl over and climb on the rail around the bottom of big brother’s horse. They often get stuck between the inside of the rail and the horse’s legs. They are teething again and love to bite on the ropes that make up the horse’s tail.

Fraternal twins


Being a mother of multiples is a lot of work but so much fun! I get twice the snuggles and twice the giggles. I can dress them alike but revel in their uniqueness. So far, they have reached most milestones at close to the same time. Little sister just started crawling on hands and knees at the beginning of last week, whereas sissy has been doing so for six weeks, but little sister had mastered a fast army crawl while sissy never tried. They have both recently begun to “cruise” a few steps while holding onto furniture and large toys. They love to pull up and stand, and they have let go for a few seconds without falling, but they are definitely more comfortable holding on to something or someone.


20130927-094649.jpgThey each have two teeth, and I love seeing their smiles and funny expressions. They are both ticklish but in different places. Their laughter is the sweetest sound, but sissy has a deeper laugh than little sister.


20130927-095028.jpgSissy’s hair is lighter, finer, and thinner than little sister’s. I have trimmed little sister’s hair four times to even it up, but I haven’t cut sissy’s yet because it lays so perfectly on her sweet head.


20130927-095401.jpgThey were seven months old when these pictures were taken. At six months, they were not as photogenic and seemed to have some stranger anxiety. I bought pictures for their scrapbooks but not near as many as this time! My husband asked me when we would stop having their pictures taken every month. I will stop when they reach 12 months. It is difficult enough to take pictures of a single baby by yourself, especially when older siblings are running around and photo-bombing the baby’s pictures, but I’m afraid I would have no pictures of quality if I didn’t take the twins to a studio once a month.

My good camera has been out of service since July 25th, my dad’s 60th birthday. Thankfully, I got a few pictures before a little hand swiped my camera, causing all photos to be mostly black. I take photos with my phone, but the babies move so quickly that one or both of them are usually blurry. I really must find a place to repair my Canon EOS. Can anyone offer a recommendation?

On the Move


With two older children who have a number of choking hazards (a.k.a. toys) lying around nearly all the time, it has been easier to keep the babies in their room for play time, but they have become increasingly mobile in the last couple of weeks. Sissy started crawling about a week before they turned six months old and pulled up to standing a couple days later. Big brother just happened to be in the room at the time and took this photo with my phone.

20130824-140951.jpgLittle sister started army crawling just a few days after their six month mark and pulled up a few days later. I think it is funny that both girls pulled up for the first time on my legs. No one else was around to document little sister’s milestone, so this is the best I could do.

20130824-144932.jpgThey are now crawling too quickly for me to run to the restroom or work in the kitchen and expect them to be in their room (or behaving) when I return. Sissy is the more dominant one and frequently pulls little sister’s hair and clothes. She isn’t being mean, just curious, but we have to watch her.

20130824-142145.jpgFortunately, big brother and big sister enjoy playing with them and can be trusted to watch them for a few minutes. We also have an exersaucer and a jumperoo (thanks to a sweet friend) that we can use when we need the babies to stay safe and happy without constant supervision or when the older ones are playing with toys or games with small pieces.

20130824-141424.jpgFor the past few days, we have started letting the babies crawl out of their room into the game room. It’s more work but a necessary step, and we need to develop the habit of keeping choking hazards out of reach because it won’t be long before the babies are walking all over the house.

20130824-134700.jpgI had hoped that these two would develop a little slower than average because they are twins, but so far they have kept up with big brother’s crazy-fast development. He was walking by nine months, and I’m sure sissy will be walking by then with little sister shortly after. Ready or not, here they come!