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Another Work in Progress

Another Work in Progress

When we built this house, we didn’t want a huge, concrete sidewalk in our front yard.  We wanted something unique and more rustic, so we came up with a design using the bricks that were leftover.  I had seen a similar design on Pinterest and helped my husband figure out how wide to make the sidewalk and what angle to lay the bricks to make the design work.  

After he had everything laid out and made sure there were enough bricks, he dug out some of the dirt, leveled it, and then added sand to completely level the bricks.  He also placed heavy-duty plastic edging along either side of the sidewalk to prevent the bricks from shifting from side to side.

We loved the look, and the bricks held up well until last summer.  We had a tremendous amount of rain last May and then a drought the next few months.  This caused the ground to shift under the bricks, and our beautiful sidewalk was ruined.  Several bricks sunk in the middle about halfway down, and some bricks were raised in other places so that we were afraid someone would trip and injure themselves.  We decided to replace the bricks with large flagstones. 

My husband dug out all the bricks as well as the sand and dirt beneath them because the new stones were about twice as tall as the bricks.  This was a lot of work, so he only removed a few sections of brick at a time so that we would still have a sidewalk even though he wasn’t finished.  He removed the plastic edging too because we wanted grass to grow between the stones, and we didn’t need the edging to contain the bricks anymore.

He added sand again and made sure each stone was level and wouldn’t shift.  These stones are so wide and heavy that they shouldn’t ever need to be replaced.  

He placed the flagstones about four inches apart to accommodate all of the little feet that walk this path frequently.  After he finishing placing all the stones, he added topsoil over the sand so that the grass would fill in between the stones.

He finished the new sidewalk on April 10th, and the grass has already grown between the flagstones.  My father-in-law had already built a similar path on the other side of the driveway along their flower beds.  This area receives too much shade for grass to grow well, so my father-in-law put decomposed granite between the flagstones and bordered each side with Oklahoma chopped stone.  

We have been very pleased with our new sidewalk and love how it blends with the stone on the front of our house.


Wiggle Worms

Wiggle Worms

Last week, my little girls’ preschool teachers brought live worms to class, and they both held the worms, but some of the little boys in their class didn’t want to touch the worms.  We (the moms) had some laughs about that.  

This evening, the girls were helping me pull weeds in our garden when we found a good-sized worm.  Both of the girls wanted to hold it and fought over who got to put it back in the dirt.  

This worm was more wiggly than any we have found in our garden before, and they had to use both hands to keep it from getting away from them.  

These girls love nature and being outdoors.  They enjoy getting dirty too as you can see from Little Sister’s hands and the smile on her face.  

Just in case you are wondering, they DO have shoes and gardening gloves.  They would rather go barefooted and get their hands and feet dirty than mess with silly contraptions like shoes and gloves.  

A Beautiful Country Morning


The little girls saw their grandmother go into the pasture Sunday afternoon and thought they would get to ride her pony, Freedom, but she was working in the yard, so we made plans for them to ride at 8:00 this morning.   

They enjoyed riding so much!  Grandmother led the horse with each of them in the round pen.  Then she gave each of them the option to hold the reins themselves.  

 They thought they were such big girls.  They had a hard time kicking Freedom on his sides to make him go, but Grandmother stayed right in front of him, and he kept walking for the most part.  

 They each rode twice for several minutes each time.   

 Freedom is a large pony, but he’s gentle with the kids.  

 Big Brother and Little Sister enjoyed hanging out on the fence while waiting for their turns.  

 Big Sister wanted a turn on Freedom as well, but she didn’t want to hold the reins herself.  She’s more cautious than her siblings. 

 Big Brother also rode this morning, but he thinks he’s too big to stay in the round pen, so he took Freedom out into the pasture.  He did a good job on Freedom walking around the pasture.  

  We love living just down the driveway from my husband’s parents.  It makes these early morning rides very convenient.  My in-laws also have a mini that was a rescue pony, but he is so skittish that I was surprised to see him staying so close to where we were.    

 After the girls were finished riding, they went in the barn to look for eggs.  They only found one this early in the day.  

 It’s a beautiful morning.  I hope you will find an opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine today!

Ephesians 2


I have been memorizing the book of Ephesians this year and challenging others to do the same.  I started working on chapter two at the beginning of March.  I was getting stressed as the month started drawing to a close because I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish memorizing the chapter in the next few days.  Then I realized last night that I had only committed to memorizing half of a chapter each month, so I have another month to finish memorizing chapter two.  Whew!

  I loved seeing a friend post these verses on Facebook for Easter a couple of days ago.  I had been so focused on memorizing the words that I hadn’t focused on the full import of their meaning.  Praise God that his incomparable grace and kindness is still being shown and expressed to us in Christ Jesus!

Playing with Photographry

Playing with Photographry

I have a great camera, and I received a terrific lens for Christmas, but I have only recently started playing with my camera and new lens to see what I can do with them.  I started by photographing plants because they remain still unless it is windy.  


Then I practiced using different settings and manually zooming in for close-ups of animals.






Today I finally decided to try photographing my two-year-old girls.  They are not usually cooperative when it comes to photos, so I was not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I know I am biased, but I think these girls are gorgeous.  


I still have a lot to learn, and I will keep practicing, but I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the past two weeks.

Springtime Discoveries

Springtime Discoveries

Our little girls are two years old and love to play outside and discover interesting things, so we have been spending much of our days outdoors this spring.  We are so blessed to be able to live out in the country where all of our children can explore and experience nature and all of its beauty.  Here are some things we have discovered in the last few weeks.  As you can see, all of our children (and a friend) are enjoying springtime.