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Baseball and Birthdays and Dance! Oh My!


This summer seemed to fly by more quickly than ever before. It seemed like we were always busy, but I don’t remember what we were doing. I didn’t post often, so I’m really behind on sharing these photos.

Big Brother played baseball again in the spring and enjoyed playing catcher. He has had this baseball helmet for two years but refuses to take the MLB sticker off the brim. Goofy boy. He improved a lot this year, hitting, fielding, and throwing better. He is now swimming on a team at the Y instead of playing football (fall) and basketball (winter), but he wants to play baseball again in the spring.


Big Sister took ballet and tap (Combo I) last school year and just started Combo II for this school year. She performed in a recital in June and looked so cute and sassy in her costume.




In July, Big Sister lost her first tooth, began wearing a shorter hair style, and turned six years old. Whew! That was a busy month for sure!




The twins turned 18 months old in August and would not cooperate for pictures. We were unable to get any of them together for the first time since they were born. Stubborn little girls! I think they were a little shy. They wanted me to stay right with them the whole time. The next pictures we have taken will be of our whole family, so their daddy and I can each hold one. Maybe they will cooperate if they are in our arms. I can hope anyway.




My husband became the new chief of his fire department on August 1st. I think this is the best picture he has ever had taken. We are so proud of him!



Birthday Girls


I did not post the twins’ birthday portraits a few weeks ago like I had planned, and a month has already passed since my last post. I’ll post updates this week showing you what we’ve been busying ourselves with the last few weeks, but here are the babies’ portraits. Sissy is shown first because she is the oldest by one minute.


My sister made these adorable shirts for the girls. They spell “LOVE” and that fit perfectly with their birthday falling just a few days before Valentine’s Day. My sister also made their hair bows. She’s quite talented.

Little Sister is next. We could not get her to stand still, so we let her climb on this crate. Oh, the joys of toddler photos!

They enjoyed smashing their cakes. Little Sister even ate a little, but Sissy didn’t want to try hers. That’s usually how mealtimes go as well. Little Sister will put anything in her mouth, but Sissy is more cautious when it comes to food, which is the complete opposite of their personalities in general.