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In sickness and in health


Well, we managed to make it 10 1/2 months without the babies catching any viruses or bacterial infections, but they have now had two illnesses in one week! I took the babies to the doctor Monday morning after they had had fever, vomiting, congestion, etc. off and on since Christmas Day. Both of them had strep. Great. The older two have always been very susceptible to strep, and sure enough, we returned to the doctor Tuesday morning because Big Sister had fever. She also tested positive for strep. By Friday we thought everyone should be feeling better, but Big Sister and Little Sister still had fever, so we went back to the doctor. (Yes, that’s three visits in one week. Thankfully, our insurance has free visits for children under 19.) This time, they tested positive for flu A. Yuck. We weren’t able to have any play dates over Christmas break, and now it’s over. Little Sister was the only one with fever today, so I think we are on the road to recovery. I’m so ready to be able to go somewhere other than the doctor’s office!

20140104-215930.jpgI don’t have many pictures from this past week, since the girls have been sick. Here is a rare photo of my husband, who hates having his picture taken. Sissy has been cuddling a lot since she got sick. She loves her daddy.




My husband’s parents live just down the driveway from us. They have lived there for about 30 years, and we moved into our house just over 4 months ago. It is absolutely wonderful living so closely to a set of grandparents. The older two kids are back and forth between our houses all the time, and Grandmother helps me with the babies frequently.

Granddad built the kids a tree house out of scrap wood from when our house was being built, and he also created a play area for the kids above the tack room in their barn. Big brother thinks this area is his fort and enjoys hanging out there. A couple of weeks ago, he placed a board upright on the floor of the fort at the top of the wooden ladder that Granddad built for them to climb up to the fort. I think he was trying to make a wall or something, but he did not nail the board in place. The older two kids were in the barn with Granddad on Thursday the 24th, and big sister decided to go up to the fort by herself. She climbed to the top, grabbed hold of the board not knowing it was loose, and fell several feet to the ground. By God’s mercy, the only thing she hurt was her left ankle, and Daddy got home just as Granddad carried her into our house. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic, so he checked her out and looked at her ankle.

20131104-104023.jpgIt was swollen and starting to bruise, but it didn’t look broken. We put ice on it, elevated it, etc. When she still refused to put any weight on it Friday morning, we decided to take her to our pediatrician just to see what they thought.

20131104-104121.jpgOf course, they recommended x-rays, so we took her for x-rays. Nothing was broken, but she had sprained it pretty badly. We bought her a brace and ordered a pediatric boot, and she has done well with those. She went to school today in regular shoes for the first time in over a week, so I think she is almost back to normal. It’s amazing how quickly children heal.

I must mention how gracious God has been to us over the past several years. This was our first trip to the doctor for an injury. We still haven’t taken a child to the ER. Part of that is due to their daddy being a paramedic and knowing what is a true emergency and what is not, but none of our children have been seriously injured before this, and it’s a wonder big brother hasn’t broken half his bones already with all the crazy stunts he tries. I thank God every day for our children’s health and safety.

We finally bought new car seats for the babies. Well, we ordered them online a few weeks ago, but one never made it to us, so we had to wait for it to return to the company, the company to refund our money, and then just go to the store and buy another one. We bought convertible seats, which means they will be rear-facing until the babies are at least a year old, and then they are able to be turned forward-facing, so these seats should last us a few years, until the babies are able to ride with just a booster seat. We were preparing the seats in the house, making adjustments to the seat backs and harnesses, and we sat the babies in them to make these adjustments. They look so big!

20131104-104453.jpgSissy is our climber–just like her big brother–and it wasn’t long before she was standing up in the seat and trying to move over to the other seat!

A few days later, I was looking for an outfit for little sister in their closet, and sissy climbed up in this little rocking chair and stood up.

20131104-104756.jpgThis is why the chair is in their closet and not in their room. Right now, I’m just thankful we only have one pint-sized climber on our hands.

Father’s Day fun


20130617-061732.jpgPinterest has revolutionized gift giving. Hubby had already bought himself something for Father’s Day, so we weren’t getting him anything big, but I wanted the kids to have something to give him from them. I found these two ideas on Pinterest and let the kids choose which one they wanted and put them together. The tag on the jar of Reese’s Pieces says, “Daddy, we love you to pieces.” The tag on the jar of Peanut M&Ms says, “To our slightly nutty but sweet dad.” Their daddy loves both of these candies, so these gifts were perfect for him.