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What I Wish Everyone Knew Before Visiting Our House


Yesterday I was rushing around trying to prepare for a play date at our house with another mom of four, two of which are 17 month old twins.  At some point, my chest started hurting (nothing to worry about, just discomfort), so I sat down to catch my breath and posted the following on Facebook. 

If you ever visit our house, please know:
1) I have twins,
2) those twins are 2 years old,
3) those twins wake up around 6:15 every morning,
4) those twins do not take a nap,
5) those twins make more messes, get into more things, destroy more things, and escape from the house more than you can imagine,
6) I also have two older children who fight constantly, and
7) we do not pay anyone to clean our house.
Please adjust your expectations accordingly.

The response to my venting has been overwhelmingly positive with so many moms responding that they feel the same way whether they have twins or boys or young children or older children.  Other moms have replied that they feel the same pressure to be a perfect mom, have a spotless house, and have perfect kids, none of which is possible.  I have seen this image a few times on Facebook and love it (except for the lonely part). 

While I was worried yesterday about how my house looked and how little makeup I was able to throw on at the last minute, my friend who visited said she was worried about one of her girls looking scraggly and her son whining, neither of which were noticed by me.  We put too much pressure on ourselves, and as it turns out, we are the only ones who notice our little insecurities, so let’s try to lighten up and give ourselves as much grace as our friends.