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Busy times


Wow! A lot has happened this summer. I know I originally promised to post at least once a week, and I have failed to do so since we moved into our new house. We were without Internet for over a week when we first moved in, but I can only blame busy-ness beyond that. I’m planning to post a few times this week to catch up on all that has happened. First, I must share some wonderful news. My babies, who are already six months old, are wearing purple here in honor of their new cousin who was born yesterday.
Grammy and PaPa held my babies so I could hold my new niece. She is just beautiful.

Here’s a close up of our little cousin–in purple of course. My sister’s favorite color has been purple for as long as I can remember, and now she finally has a baby girl, so naturally the baby’s room has been tastefully decorated in shades of purple, and I’m sure she will have a plethora of purple clothing. We will definitely pass these onesies down to her in a few months.

Welcome to the family, sweet baby! We are so glad you are here.


We are finally moving!


We have been planning/building a house for what seems like forever, and we are finally moving in this weekend. We are so excited to move out of this rent house and have our own place again. It has been a long 13 months!

As I’m packing what’s left in our kitchen, I wanted to share a couple of moving tips that save me time when unpacking. You may already know these, but maybe there is someone who will find this information useful.

When packing my plates or other flat dishes, I place one styrofoam plate between each plate for cushion. We’ve moved our dishes this way at least three times, and none have been broken so far.

After I have a good-sized stack, I wrap the entire stack with plastic food wrap. This keeps out any dust or germs, and the dishes can go straight into the cabinets at the new house.

I am quite the germophobe and feel like everything that has been in a box or wrapped in paper needs to be washed before going in my cabinets or drawers. These two tips save me a lot of time and energy when unpacking.