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A Minor Setback


I’m thankful for my new support system and accountability that had me up by 6:00 this morning and on the elliptical before the kids were awake.  Sissy told me she didn’t feel well around 8:00 am, and Little Sister followed suit a few minutes later.  I was able to get them to the doctor this morning, and they both have strep yet again.  Sissy seems worse this time because she is vomiting and doesn’t usually have that symptom.  

So I’m reading a book while the girls watch a Thomas DVD we got at the library earlier this week.  It’s a good thing I worked out before I found out they were sick.  I should still be able to meet my step goal for the day, and I completed my 30 Days challenges, so I can just hold my babies until they feel better.  

Please say a prayer for them.  They have had strep several times in the past year and probably should have their tonsils removed, but I’m hesitant to do so.  Let me know if you have been in this situation and found a way to avoid surgery and prevent recurring strep infections.  Thank you! 


No-Spend Month: Day 12

No-Spend Month: Day 12

Big Sister told us yesterday that her throat hurt, but she had no fever, so we thought it could just be allergies.  This morning she started coughing, and I just knew she had strep.  So we had to pay another $30 co-pay and a $10 prescription.   Someday, all of our children will stop getting strep so frequently.  (Big Brother has been healthy for a long time now.). I’m already missing our $0 co-pay for children, and the insurance just changed at the beginning of this month.  😕

Big Sister had a rough morning.  Just before we left for the doctor, she shut her fingers in the laundry room door and bruised/cut them, so we had to take an ice pack with us.  Her fingers were so swollen and looked so bad that the doctor was concerned that she might have broken them.  I took this photo after we got back home, and they weren’t purple anymore, but the two that she smashed were still swollen.   

She has been doing cartwheels this afternoon, so I’m sure she didn’t break anything.  She even worked on her math assignments and was able to write without my help. 

Our doctor’s office had fall decorations outside the front door, so we stopped for a quick photo. Sissy wasn’t sure about the big plastic tarantula sitting next to her.

  • I felt sorry for Big Sister and bought her a grape slush at Sonic after her appointment. We spent $2 in quarters.
  • We all had lunch at home today–saving money and calories!
  • I made Mexican skillet casserole for dinner but only used a 1/2 pound of ground beef since I wasn’t feeding Big Brother or my in-laws.  I’ll use the rest of the ground beef Wednesday in the stuffed bell peppers.
  • I borrowed a shirt from a friend instead of buying one to wear to school this Wednesday for a special dress day.
  • I cleaned out the girls’ stuffed animals and got two bags ready to donate and some other things set aside to sell.

No-Spend Month: Day 8


Have you ever had a completely unexpected opportunity just fall in your lap?  I feel like God just decided to surprise me with a wonderful financial blessing.  I have been trying to make a little money here and there, but I certainly wasn’t looking for a job.  However, that is exactly what He has provided for our family.

I will start teaching two classes of pre-algebra students next Wednesday at the school my older two children have attended for over two years now.  Their school is a university-model school, which means the students attend classes on campus three days a week and complete assignments at home two days a week.  Students can take all of their core classes and electives there, or they can homeschool a subject or two and take the rest there.  My awesome mother-in-law teaches each of our kids and their friends (one each) science and social studies, so I pick up my kids from school at 11:30-11:45 am.  

Because of the nature of the school, teachers are also able to teach just one or two subjects and not be on campus the entire day.  I will teach from 8:00 am to 10:40 am, so I will have time to grade papers and prepare lessons before picking up my kids.  They also offer childcare for my little ones, so all of my children will be at one school with one drop off time (saving me time and gas).  My salary will cover what we have been paying in tuition for the older two to take classes on campus, so we are hoping to build up our savings to what it was before we began over-spending.  

While all of that is wonderful, maybe the best part is being able to teach math again and develop relationships with a group of students.  I already know some of my students, and they are great kids, and their parents are terrific as well.  I’m really excited about this!

Unfortunately, my little ones are sick again.  They each told me midday that their “neck” (throat) hurt.  Combined with their lack of appetite and fussy behavior, their sore throats told me they had strep.  I took them to the doctor who confirmed it.  I’m so thankful the girls are able to tell me now when their throats hurt.  They weren’t running fever, coughing, or congested, so I had no idea they were sick until one said her neck hurt.  

  • We had to spend $60 at the doctor’s office and then $16 on their antibiotics, so our no-spend month took a little hit.  
  • I also had to buy gas today, but that came out of my paycheck from subbing last month. 
  • Big Brother desperately needed a haircut before he goes camping this weekend, so that was another $15.  It’s a good thing all of our other kids are girls and don’t need frequent haircuts. 
  • My husband went to a class out of town today and had to eat out, but the restaurant messed up his order and comped his meal, so he was only out $3 for the tip!


Big Brother had let his hair get fairly long before deciding this week that he wanted it short again. We had also lightened his hair a few weeks ago.


We think he looks a lot better with his hair short and back to his natural color.